Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"New Mercies" is Public!

Well, here is my first official entry into the "art world"!! The opening was last night and it was fun! I wish I could report that I won one of the the 8 $ prizes--but nope . Just to be included was such an honor. They have placed my picture in the front part of the gallery and that is huge to me!
Eric, Allison, Shayla & Kyrin all went with me. Shayla totally looked the part of the artist community in her stylish red and white striped out fit!
This showing has really inspired me to really get serious and paint several times a week! I always feel so good when I am painting!!
Wonder what is next in my year 58?

picture at the finish

I DID IT!!!!!!! The Salmon 19K is under my belt!

May 12, '08 8:18
This was at the beginning of the race--BEFORE we knew just what they meant by the Fish Ladder!!! on the map!
6.5 miles of rugged dirt trails up and down steep terrain. The Fish Ladder was approx. 3/4 mi straight up the side of a mountain. It is the closest I have ever come to a near death experience!! Not really kidding about that last sentence. BUT--we crossed the finish line in 2:43!! AND we were NOT last!!! How cool is that for 58 and first race?

Look--we are still smiling as we crossed the finish line! I think we've NEVER been so happy to see a 60's hippy van in our lives. That was our transportation back to the lunch site!
Also, my watercolor is being delivered to the gallery (I can't believe that I just wrote "gallery"!!!) this morning! I did a sunrise and called it "New Mercies". I forgot to take a picture of it!!!! so I am hoping that they will let me take one at the gallery. The show opens next Sat. and goes for a month. There will be an "artist reception" next Sat. pm--how cool is that?
So 58 is off to a wonderful start and I am thankful for every breath that I am given to dance through it. Thank all of you for your prayers and wonderful words of support and encouragement!
I will continue to keep you up to date with my dance.

Year 58 Declaration!

May 5, '08
The picture above is to symbolize how I am feeling at the moment--FREE, positive and excited about the 58th year that is ahead for me!
Last weekend, I felt that the Lord was telling me to write down a declaration about what I felt about the year I was about to enter into. I also felt that I was to post it as well. So here goes (actually this is an abridged version as it got pretty long )
This IS going to be a fabulous year for me--full of health, energy, fun, new friends and new places!
I am going to use the materials I have in my home to make fabulous things to create beauty, special gifts for special people and, Lord willing, to sell. I am going to paint fabulous paintings and rejoice in the talent that the Lord has blessed me with.
I am going to watch where my mind goes and REFUSE to let it go to the dark places. I am going to see the good & positive in things and rejoice in each day that the Lord gives me!
I am going to continue on the path to a healthy, strong, lean body--one that will allow me to live well & strong well in the coming years w/ no medications or limitations.
I am not going to be dependent on others for my companionship, fun, safety or sanity or for the fulfillment of my dreams.
I am not going to worry about my kids'--their marriages, parenting or their futures. I WILL be more intentional about the only thing I can do well for them and that is to cover all those areas in prayer. Yes, my beloved children, I am finally setting you free!
I will work on being a better g'ma--creating fabulous art with them, incredible memories and a place where they will ALWAYS know that they are loved, safe and free from any fears!
I am going to walk and dance in FREEDOM (the fulfillment of my 2007 verse Ps 119:45) and focus on all the good that God has built into me--not for the purpose of pride etc--but as I focus on the good, it will expand and squeeze out the not so good.
Who knows what the 59th Declaration will be...but this much I DO know. I know that I will be stronger, more free, and more beautiful (on the inside & maybe the outside too!) than I am today. It is going to be a fabulous 58th year and I can't wait to dance all the way through it!!
These are the things that I am doing this week that I never thought that I would EVER do: I am in a 12 week body for life makeover, every Thursday I am taking a Zumba (Latin/African) dance exercise class (it is the MOST fun I have had since being married!!!), this Saturday I am walking in my 1st 10K walk (up and down a mountain) AND entering my 1st art competition/sale at a gallery in Roseville!!!!! Not bad for approaching 58 huh???
If I cross your mind--prayer is ALWAYS welcomed. I will let you know how this journey goes! Thanks for walking it with me.