Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Year 58 Declaration!

May 5, '08
The picture above is to symbolize how I am feeling at the moment--FREE, positive and excited about the 58th year that is ahead for me!
Last weekend, I felt that the Lord was telling me to write down a declaration about what I felt about the year I was about to enter into. I also felt that I was to post it as well. So here goes (actually this is an abridged version as it got pretty long )
This IS going to be a fabulous year for me--full of health, energy, fun, new friends and new places!
I am going to use the materials I have in my home to make fabulous things to create beauty, special gifts for special people and, Lord willing, to sell. I am going to paint fabulous paintings and rejoice in the talent that the Lord has blessed me with.
I am going to watch where my mind goes and REFUSE to let it go to the dark places. I am going to see the good & positive in things and rejoice in each day that the Lord gives me!
I am going to continue on the path to a healthy, strong, lean body--one that will allow me to live well & strong well in the coming years w/ no medications or limitations.
I am not going to be dependent on others for my companionship, fun, safety or sanity or for the fulfillment of my dreams.
I am not going to worry about my kids'--their marriages, parenting or their futures. I WILL be more intentional about the only thing I can do well for them and that is to cover all those areas in prayer. Yes, my beloved children, I am finally setting you free!
I will work on being a better g'ma--creating fabulous art with them, incredible memories and a place where they will ALWAYS know that they are loved, safe and free from any fears!
I am going to walk and dance in FREEDOM (the fulfillment of my 2007 verse Ps 119:45) and focus on all the good that God has built into me--not for the purpose of pride etc--but as I focus on the good, it will expand and squeeze out the not so good.
Who knows what the 59th Declaration will be...but this much I DO know. I know that I will be stronger, more free, and more beautiful (on the inside & maybe the outside too!) than I am today. It is going to be a fabulous 58th year and I can't wait to dance all the way through it!!
These are the things that I am doing this week that I never thought that I would EVER do: I am in a 12 week body for life makeover, every Thursday I am taking a Zumba (Latin/African) dance exercise class (it is the MOST fun I have had since being married!!!), this Saturday I am walking in my 1st 10K walk (up and down a mountain) AND entering my 1st art competition/sale at a gallery in Roseville!!!!! Not bad for approaching 58 huh???
If I cross your mind--prayer is ALWAYS welcomed. I will let you know how this journey goes! Thanks for walking it with me.

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