Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"New Mercies" is Public!

Well, here is my first official entry into the "art world"!! The opening was last night and it was fun! I wish I could report that I won one of the the 8 $ prizes--but nope . Just to be included was such an honor. They have placed my picture in the front part of the gallery and that is huge to me!
Eric, Allison, Shayla & Kyrin all went with me. Shayla totally looked the part of the artist community in her stylish red and white striped out fit!
This showing has really inspired me to really get serious and paint several times a week! I always feel so good when I am painting!!
Wonder what is next in my year 58?


Barbara Roth said...

I love seeing how your painting looks in the gallery. I feel like I got to attend the show. I know you have a bright future in watercolor, you have everything you need to succeed; diligence, attention to detail, painting and drawing ability and a sense of design and style, plus you have your wonderful laugh.

Momma Ninja said...

How exciting that must have been! It sounds like we have a lot of the same focus: Jesus and family. I enjoy your art, too! I realized after you commented on my blog (thank you for your kind words) that I have stopped by your blog many times. Super cool!