Tuesday, November 20, 2012

San Diego Skyline

one of our assignments in our wild art 2 class was to do a skyline of where we lived, so i choose san diego. i loved the way that junelle hallstrom jacobsen (one of our instructors, www.yesandamen.blogspot.com) did her new york buildings in the mono color, so i knew that i wanted to go with the black and white. my dilemma was that i loved the colors reflecting on the water. so i did half and half! i used crackle paint for the sky, paper pieced the buildings, acrylic-ed the hearts and accents on the buildings and then put watercolor paper for the water and then did wet into wet.
i am pretty happy with the results. i am going to do some on canvas and see if i can get them into some of the shops in san diego :)!


Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

This is Beautiful. I love how you did both color and black and white and distinct lines and washes. It makes for a full rich painting! Thanks for showing this wonder. So glad to have found your art spot blog : )

The Best Decade said...

Thanks, Lisa! It was a really fun project. I am trying to find MY "artist voice".
Merry Christmas!

Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

Yes, keep going. It looks like you have 'lots to say' with that voice : ) Thank you for taking part in my giveaway. I would like to send you one of the cards that I make for taking part in the fun. Just send me an email with your snail mail and I will pop it in the post for the new year! lisakayrydin@gmail.com thank you again, Lisa